GHS Announces NAMM Artist Appearances

With the coming of NAMM 2018, we wanted to try something different. As our latest ad states, "the only people more obsessed with our strings are our artists," and we want to showcase them. Every half hour at the NAMM show, GHS will have their artists on stage, either talking about their passion and inspiration, or demoing their favorite strings. Some are artists that we've had in our family for years (or, even decades) and some are fairly new to our family.

Regardless of their time spent with us, each has a unique story that tells about their obsession, and what they're relentless about. Please visit us in Hall D, #4614 to "hear what obsession sounds like." 

*Please note: all demonstrations are in italics*

10:30am - Tony Puleo
11:00am - Raye Zaragoza
11:30am - Rene Benton
12:00pm - Claudio Cordero
12:30pm - Michael Tash
1:00pm - Tony Puleo
1:30pm - Evan Marien
2:00pm - Doyle Dykes
2:30pm - Matthew Phillips
3:00pm - Jason Achilles Mezilis
4:00pm - Stu Hamm
4:30pm - Fred Brum
5:00pm - Jonathan Moody
5:30pm - Jeff Coffey

10:30am - Darrius Jamar
11:00am - Raye Zaragoza
11:30am - Andrew Molina
12:00pm - Andrew Molina
12:30pm - Kilian Duarte
1:00pm - Doyle Dykes
1:30pm - Wayne Wilkinson
2:00pm - Tony Puleo
2:30pm - Nikki Stringfield
3:00pm - Jason Achilles Mezilis
3:30pm - Keven Eknes
4:00pm - Stu Hamm
4:30pm - Dave Dunsire
5:00pm - Gary Hoey
5:30pm - Will Yanez

10:00am - Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel
11:00am - Raye Zaragoza
11:30am - Scott Whitley
12:00pm - Eric Steckel
12:30pm - Salvatore Spinelli
1:00pm - Tony Puleo
1:30pm - Chris Schreiner
2:00pm - Doyle Dykes
2:30pm - Brian Klemm
3:00pm - Jason Achilles Mezilis
3:30pm - Melia Maccarone
4:00pm - Stu Hamm
4:30pm - Element a440
5:00pm - Gary Hoey

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