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GHS Strings is not just an electric guitar string company – we're much more! We are the string brand inspiring you to play an extra encore. We are the string brand encouraging you to play harder, go longer. We are the string brand that's got you covered – whether you're playing electric or acoustic guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele and more.

Since 1964, we've been winding guitar strings in the same southwest corner of Michigan that gave birth to decades of musical innovation. Though based in Battle Creek, we are global, but our values remain rooted in midwestern soil. We are fiercely independent – we are no-nonsense perfectionists believing in hard work, craftsmanship, and the power of music.

GHS Strings is a family of artists and experts built on tradition to help aid in the quest for personal string design and tone. To that end, we still use round core wire for much of our guitar strings and use some string specs decades old.

We look to our half-century past to guide our future. Our unyielding passion about tone, personal specs, sound, and durability drives us to push string design – even reinvent the envelope itself when needed – to improve upon the product line, first and foremost.

GHS Strings takes this same approach to customer service. At a time where customers feel like they're talking to a robot, a GHS employee will answer your call! Customers, dealers or endorsing artists all receive the same attention. We mean it when we refer to our "Artist Family," because they are!

This is the story behind our amazing strings encouraging your journey – promising you'll never look back.

We are GHS Strings. Play with the best.