Element a440
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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Five sets from 009-058 to 013-074

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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 018-105

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  • Element a440

    Electric Guitar, Bass
    Post-Industrial/Metal, Heavy, Dark, Melodic and Electronic Rock
    GB7M, GB7MH Guitar Boomers, Custom Gauge Bass Boomers (50-70-95-115-130)

    Element A440 is a Post-Industrial /Metal band from Phoenix, Arizona that writes and performs edgy, hook heavy, dark, melodic and electronic rock.

    Element A440 is unmatched in stage presence and performance. Their well-defined, heavy electronic sound, controversial lyrics, and theatrical stage show always leave an impression.

    With every performance, Element a440 leaves everything on the stage, and Halo IsGod, the front man of the band, always finds a way to make a personal connection with every member of the audience.

    In 2013 they were honored with the title of “Featured Artist” by Project Independent and toured the country in 2013 and 2014 as the headlining act.

    In 2016 they were awarded ‘Best Live Performance by an Unsigned Band’ at the National Association of Independent Rock Music Awards (NAIRMA).

    Element a440 has successfully toured nationally as an independent artist for the last three years and have no plans to slow down.

    In 2017 Element a440 signed with Monsterman Records and EMP Label Group in a collaborative effort to expand the audience and strengthen their presence beyond a national level and to a worldwide level.

    The band line-up is:
    -Halo IsGod (vocals, guitar)
    -Solus (guitar)
    -Katt Bell (bass)
    -Se7en (drums)

    A little about each member in their own words:

    Halo IsGod is the founder, leader and principle song writer of Element a440. - "I am nothing"

    Katt Ball - Hard, heavy, down low and dirty on the Bass - "Race is human, gender is irrelevant, coffee is critical, respect is earned, freedom is an inherent right, inherent superiority is a lie. God, marriage, and children are not required to have a real life and music IS a real job. I am defined by what I choose to be, not by what you have chosen to believe."

    Solus - Guitars and second bass, the newest member of Element a440 - "I enjoy long walks along the river Styx and looking out at all the lost souls trembling in fear."

    Se7en - Beats, blasts, drums and keeper of "The Brain" - "I (will) wildly beat those buckets until they eventually crumble… The point is it's doing whatever you have to do to make it, because it's simply what you just love to do."