An Acoustic Tradition

In the early 90s, respected Jazz double bassist, Lionel Davis was in search of creating a new synthetic double bass string as a replacement for traditional gut strings. Senior string maker, Tony Roberts, with over 30 years of experience in string manufacturing took 4 years of research and development to produce the first set of Innovation Double Bass Strings in 1996.

1999 saw the introduction of our first 'Rockabilly' set, 90140RB. It revolutionized double bass players ability to access superb quality strings at an affordable price. They were designed to replicate gut strings for the slap playing technique. Since then, Innovation Double Bass Strings has expanded its range to cater for double bass players from all musical persuasions. In 2018, GHS Strings became the US Distributor of Innovation. In the spring of 2019, GHS Strings acquired Innovation Strings and brought everything to their office in Battle Creek, MI.

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