Ancestral Ooze

Music Written & Performed by Child Bite

Shawn Knight

Sean Clancy

Brandon Sczomak

Jeff Kraus

Story Written & Directed by Jeff Tuttle


Phil Berry

Jessica Knapik

Dan Gillies

Erin Norris

Tiffany Tuttle

Jake Ruth

Jeff Tuttle

& Special Guest Buzz Osbourne


Aaron Jones

CJ Benninger

Steve MacLaren

1st AC Steve McLaren

Makeup and Effects

Jeremy Haney

Additional Effects

Jeff Tuttle


Derek Swanson

Assistant Editor

Randall Kupfer

VFX Compositor

Dave Graw


Chuck Klatt

Assistant Director

Josh McGee

Bronco Wrangler

Andrew Smetek

Marksman and Gun Safety

Alex Saveski

Craft Services

Tiffany Tuttle

Ooze Handlers

Veronica Knight

Erin Norris

Tiffany Tuttle

Art Direction, Set Design & Construction

Jeff Tuttle

Special Thanks

Mike Mouyanis & Smalls

Chris Johnston B

randon Wiard & Wiard Orchards

Roy Frumkes & Street Trash

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