Salvation's End
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    Roundwound Nickel-Plated Steel / 14 sets from 008-038 to 013-056

    Electric Guitar Strings

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  • Original

    Nickel-Plated Steel over Hex Core / Aggressive Low-Mid Bump / Equally Suited for Pick or Fingerstyle / Three Sets from 040-120 to 045-130


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  • Salvation's End

    Electric Guitar, Bass
    GBCL Guitar Boomers (w/DY62), 5ML-DYB Bass Boomers

    Salvation’s End is a Metal band hailing from Detroit, Michigan, founded in 2020, the band focused on original music and crafting what would be their unique blend of traditional metal vocals and extreme metal music. In 2021 the band would hit the metal scene hard with multiple shows including the Wacken Metal Battle which the band was a semi-finalist for, as well as direct support for Tim “Ripper” Owens on multiple dates. In 2022 the band would release 2 singles “Monarch” and “The Architect” both singles received airplay on the largest rock radio station in Detroit, and multiple podcasts and streaming playlists. The band embarked on their first self-funded tour in 2022 which was highly successful, and helped to grow the bands footprint nationally. Salvation’s End is TJ Richardson (Guitars), Brandon Richardson (Guitars),Brett Hodorek (Drums) , Sean Jenkins (Bass), and Jax (vocals).

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