Our magnetically active Alloy 52™ is wound around a hex core wire, producing a string with a powerful sound, sustain and excellent longevity. These will magnify any playing style.

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E
PRXL SETS - PROGRESSIVES™ - PRXL Set, Extra Light 009-042 009 011 016 PR24 PR32 PR42
PRCL SETS - PROGRESSIVES™ - PRCL Set, Custom Light 009-046 009 011 016 PR26 PR36 PR46
PRL SETS - PROGRESSIVES™ - PRL Set, Light 010-046 010 013 017 PR26 PR36 PR46
PRDM SETS - PROGRESSIVES™ - PRDM Set, Thin-Thick 010-052 010 013 017 PR30 PR44 PR52
PRM SETS - PROGRESSIVES™ - PRM Set, Medium 011-050 011 015 018 PR26 PR36 PR50
chris w.

are these progressive set OK to use on floydrose guitar?

Jonathan Moody

Hey Chris, they should be just fine to use on a guitar equipped with a Floyd Rose.

chris w.

Can y'all do a 7string set of these ?

Jonathan Moody

Hey Chris, that's something we can look into as many of our progressive players (ha!) have discovered these strings. If we did some 7 string offerings, what kind of gauges would interest you?

Ian M.

Hi Jonathan! Thanks for your response. I was about to place a singles order until I saw how expensive "2 sets" was going to cost. Wow! They're not Optima Golds! So, please get them on the roster and I'll be buying them too for another 15 years! I've been loyal and hooked. I was so happy when I saw string makers offer the 009.5 sets. They make loads of sense especially for players used to the tension on their 25.5" scale guitars - like me. In my early playing years I was a Gretsch-a-holic with a LP. Then I switched to 25.5" scale guitars in the mid '80s. A year ago I added Gretsch back to my stable and I'm not a big fan of .010s and I don't like the dullness of nickel or nickel/steels. Stainless is too brutal! I used FireWire alloy strings from Canada. They were astounding! I was crestfallen when they folded. I then ordered every set of nickel/iron alloy strings I could find including Boomer 52s and Progressives. The Progressives were the closest to the FireWire Strings so I've been using them ever since. So, please! Make the 9.5 - 44 & 9.5 - 46 sets available for regular purchase. BTW - FireWire always gave me a nice discount when I bought a dozen sets at a time!!! ;)

Jonathan Moody

Hey Ian, that is the unfortunate side of putting together a set from singles; it takes a lot more time for inventory to pull six individual strings as opposed to one set. However, many people feel the customization aspect is worth the additional premium. 

Ian M.

I love these strings. I've been using them exclusively or 15 years. I don't know why other players haven't figured out the secret yet. These strings beat all other strings hands down, IMO. ALL categories! I need 009.5 - .044 and 009.5 - .046 sets. Please cobble these sets together and offer them for sale as you do make the necessary strings!

Jonathan Moody

Hey Ian, thanks for the kind words! I can add those sets on our list of things to look at, but in the meantime you can certainly order those from single string gauges.