Now known as "The Power String", GHS Boomers® continue to make their mark on music across the world. The roundwound guitar set is made with Nickel-Plated steel wrapped tightly around a round core wire. The combination provides the string with its bright characteristic and long-lasting tone.

Available Sets
SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E Purchase
DYXL BOOMERS® WOUND 3RD - Extra Light 010-046 010 013 DY18 DY26 DY36 DY46 Find a Dealer
DYL BOOMERS® WOUND 3RD - Light 012-052 012 015 DY24 DY32 DY40 DY52 Find a Dealer
DYM BOOMERS® WOUND 3RD - Medium 013-056 013 017 DY26 DY36 DY44 DY56 Find a Dealer