GHS Contact Core are designed with an extra-thin segment near the ball end. This thin segment rests on the bass saddle and brings the central core of the string into very close contact with the saddle, providing a brighter tone than a conventional string of the same gauge. When tuned to pitch these strings have slightly more tension than conventional strings, a crucial feature for the low B string in a 5 or 6 string set.
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L5200 CONTACT CORE™ SUPER STEELS™ - Light (36.5" winding) 040-100 STB40 CC60 CC80 CC100 Find a Dealer
5L-CC CONTACT CORE™ SUPER STEELS™ - Light, 5 String (36.5" winding) 040-125 STB40 CC60 CC80 CC100 CC125 Find a Dealer
M5200 CONTACT CORE™ SUPER STEELS™ - Medium (36.5" winding) 045-105 STB45 CC65 CC85 CC105 Find a Dealer
5M-CC CONTACT CORE™ SUPER STEELS™ - Medium, 5 String (36.5" winding) 045-129 STB45 CC65 CC85 CC105 CC129 Find a Dealer