Looking for piano-like tone and sustain? Choose Contact Core Super Steels. Wound like a piano string, stainless steel is wrapped over a hex core, leaving roughly 1.5" of exposed core at the bridge. This “exposed core” allows better contact, for a better transfer of sound vibration. The result is lower action, more definition, sustain, and vibrance with amazing intonation on the lower strings.

When you don't just want to "sit in the mix" but carve a path through it, look to GHS Super Steels! Stainless steel is wrapped over a hex core to bring a bright and snappy tone to your bass, without piercing or shrill overtones. The low end is strong and well defined, down to the low B string, giving your bass a clarity that is unmatched. Super Steels allow you to cut through the mix quickly and easily, while still anchoring the band.

Why Should You Play Contact Core Super Steels?

  • You want piano-like clarity from the lower register of your bass
  • You want super low action and superb tension
  • You want to cut through the band mix with laser precision

"Clarity, attack & rich, full spectrum harmonic content is SO important to me, and I've found GHS Contact Core Super Steels give me all I need to sculpt whatever tone I desire. One thing I've learned in my playing and producing career; it's easier to carve an aural slice you may not want for a given piece out of your tone, but it's nearly impossible to add in with EQ when you want it and it's just not there. Start with 100% of your tonal potential."
   -Sean Fairchild