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    Nickel-Plated Steel over Hex Core / Aggressive Low-Mid Bump / Equally Suited for Pick or Fingerstyle / Four Sets from 030-090 to 050-115


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  • Matt Favazza

    Bass Guitar
    Garage Rock, R&B, Soul
    M3045 Bass Boomers

    Doing double bass duty with Chicago's own, The Bama Lamas & The Goldstars, let's just say "Sal" has his hands full. Here's a little taste of each project:

    The Bama Lamas:
    Harkening back to the days when frats were cool and the twist was the “it” dance, The Bama Lamas pay homage to the dusties you know and love. Encapsulating garage rock, frat rock, with some New Orleans R ‘n’ B and surf thrown in for good measure, these boys play music that gets you on the dance floor and keeps you there. It is wild, visceral party music (simply add beer keg) with The Sonics, Little Richard and the A-Bones on the guest list.

    The Goldstars:
    An insider tipped me off to The Goldstars, veterans of the Chicago rock and roll scene who apparently got together as friends to simply play the music they loved. What brought them together was a mutual affection for the golden age of primitive rock n’ roll as they worshiped the holy trinity of the Farfisa organ, the fuzzed-out guitar, and the wailing voices of American kids trying to sound like British kids trying to sound black. Chicago isn’t a foo-foo veggie burger eating town, Chicago loves the steak AND the sizzle, yet the Windy City has been starving for a meat-and-potatoes rock and roll band amongst the post-rock, punk, power pop and alt-country factions. The Goldstars are just the ticket.

    The Goldstars are a four-man fun factory, tight as a drum, yet relaxed as can be, showing why the sounds of yesterday are worth playing today. The Goldstars recognize that a great song is a great song, and the only way to rock seriously is by not taking rock and roll too seriously. Oh, they also backed legendary R&B artist, Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams (RIP) for the better part of 10 years! WOW!!

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