GHS Strings Brightness Bar for Electric Bass Guitar Strings

GHS Strings Bass Boomers

GHS Strings released Bass Boomers® in 1975, and altered the course of rock and roll! Winding a nickel-plated steel cover over a hex core, Bass Boomers® have a distinct low-mid bump that is aggressive and bold. Equally suited for pick or fingerstyle, the special recipe of stainless and nickel-plate on the low E and B strings keep your sound defined and strong. Hear why millions consider Bass Boomers® as THE POWER STRING.

Why Should You Play Bass Boomers?

  • You're running from a rock gig to a studio session and need a versatile string
  • You enjoy a clear, articulate picked tone with plenty of low end
  • You're looking to bring a lot of low-mid punch to your bass tone

$49.78 $25.99
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E
XL3045 SETS - 4-STRING BASS BOOMERS® - Extra Light (37.25" winding) 030-090 DYB30 DYB50 DYB70 DYB90
L3045 SETS - 4-STRING BASS BOOMERS® - Light (37.25" winding) 040-095 DYB40 DYB55 DYB75 DYB95
ML3045 SETS - 4-STRING BASS BOOMERS® - Medium Light (37.25" winding) 045-100 DYB45 DYB65 DYB80 DYB100
M3045 SETS - 4-STRING BASS BOOMERS® - Medium (37.25" winding) 045-105 DYB45 DYB65 DYB85 DYB105
H3045 SETS - 4-STRING BASS BOOMERS® - Heavy (37.25" winding) 050-115 DYB50 DYB70 DYB95 DYB115
Don L.

The Medium Boomers are my favorite and ONLY string I use. I am a man of habit and when I find a reliable product I stick by it! THANK YOU GHS,  for a reliable product that I can depend on!!! 


Don Leslie 1/17/2023

Rob Norton

The Boomer heavy set are perfect for lower and drop tunings. Currently have basses set up in Drop C and C Standard, and these strings are working great.