Ben Titus Featured in Amplified Artist Channels "Artist of the Week"

Recently, GHS Artist Ben Titus was selected to be featured by the Amplified Artist Sessions channel, which focuses on Midwest original artists. AAS is managed by two local artists that Ben has had the honor of sharing the stage with, Alyce Hart and Thea Morton Vorass.

As Ben explains, "These three songs are from the forthcoming, albeit delayed, second album '2 Years In Review'. In a two year span, my life went through some serious upheaval, with my first marriage failing, my parents marriage doing the same thing, job changes, and more. The album moves through each phase of these changes, from right before everything went sideways through the pain, betrayal, anger, and finally, acceptance. Someone In Your Life is the first single of the album, which was released during NAMM 2020 show right before the pandemic shut the world down. This song describes really any split between people and the loss that happens. The Big Gamble, sung here by Alyce Hart, was co-written between Ally and me when we were working in an original group together, and is based on events in my life from that two year period. Cumulo Nimbus, an instrumental, starts off light and fun, turning darker towards the end, signaling the changes that Big Gamble and Someone In Your Life describe. I'm sincerely hoping to have the next single out this summer and the album finally finished by fall 2022."


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