Deering Banjos Partners with GHS for String Supply

Spring Valley, CA - Deering Banjo Company is proud to announce that it has chosen string pioneers, GHS Strings as its sole string supplier.

GHS Strings began producing the bulk string gauges for Deering’s extensive range of production banjos in early 2020, including all 5 string banjos, as well as 17 and 19 fret tenor, plectrum, and 6 string banjo models.

GHS Strings has also taken on the production of Deering's popular range of string packs, utilizing their popular Nitro-Pack for superior anti-corrosion and foil packaging. These will be available in August of 2020 at

Deering strings will also feature GHS’s proprietary LockTwist system at the loop end, which secures the wire better, resulting in the highest break point available in standard plain steel strings.

GHS Strings of Battle Creek, MI is no stranger to producing banjo string sets, producing the JD Crowe signature set, as well as the Sonny Osborne signature set which has been the string set of choice for banjo virtuoso and Deering artist, Jens Kruger for the last few years.

Kruger, who is notoriously particular about his strings, states “After playing and trusting in GHS strings for most of my professional career, I find them to be the finest and most reliable strings available.”

Kruger goes on to explain that “they sound free and fresh but at the same time the overtones are not overly pronounced like it is the case with some other brands.”

Jon Moody, Manager of Digital Brand Development and Product Development for GHS welcomed the move, stating “Deering is a well-loved brand with a rich heritage. We're incredibly excited to be a small part of that heritage moving forward, helping Deering artists sound the best that they can."

VP Sales & Marketing Jamie Latty, who spearheaded the move to GHS following a conversation with Jens Kruger in late 2019 commented “GHS is just a great fit for us. We wanted to work with a company that shared our values, and who wanted a long term partnership that focused on exceeding the customer’s expectations of our strings. We are very proud to be working with GHS again. The time was right to rekindle a partnership that we had enjoyed so well in the past.”

Deering string sets are available now at priced at $7.99. Visit to learn more about Deering Banjos or call their toll-free number 800-845-7791.

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