GHS Partners with The Guitarwrist

GHS Strings is proud to add the guitarwrist to their list of companies that help reduce landfill while also creating unique and memorable jewelry from used guitar strings. Based in the UK, the guitarwrist is no stranger to the music industry. 

From the press release:

"The guitarwrist ( is a not for profit, sustainability and charity fund raising project that get artists and guitar players to donate their played/used guitar strings to them, when artists come to restring, rather than binning them and ending in landfill.

Each year 1.3 million lbs of strings metal ends in landfill and the guitarwrist are doing their bit to educate artists and to make the planet a bit greener.

Artists donate their played guitar strings to the guitarwrist who then clean, watermark and catalogue the strings which are then upcycled into hand made items of jewelry with the profits of the sales going to the Artist's charity of choice."

Artists can contact the company directly to find out more information.

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