Giveaway: Teleport Your Tone

GHS has partnered up with Orange Amplifiers (and a lot of other folk too!) for the TELEPORT YOUR TONE giveaway. All you have to do to enter is visit the link below! Hurry, the contest ends on July 31st at 11:59pm, with the winner announced on Friday, August 2nd.

$5000 prize package includes:

  • Orange Amplifiers - Rocker 32 Combo
  • OMEC - Teleport Pedal
  • Kiesel Guitars - Stealth Custom Delos 6st Guitar
  • Eventide Audio - Rose, H9, PowerMAX
  • TwoNotes Audio Engineering - Torpedo C.A.B, Orange Cabinet Pack
  • Right On Guitars - Custom OMEC GUitar Strap
  • Temple Boards - Duo 17 Pedalboard
  • GHS Strings - Years Supply of Strings (48 sets)
  • JamOrigin - MIDI Guitar
  • Evidence Audio - SIS/Monorail Patch Cable Kit
  • Hooke Audio - Hooke Verse
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