Adam Toth
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  • Adam Toth

    Electric Guitar
    Blues, Pop
    CR-GBL Sub-Zero Boomers, CB-GBL Coated Boomers

    Adam Toth is a young hungarian guitarist and composer. He is one of the most popular session guitarist in Hungary and he plays different TV shows. 

    Recently he plays music with Kallay Saunders András. Adam and Andras create a band, it’s called Kallay Saunders Band and they have a lot of concert and write songs together. 

    Adam favourite style the blues and the rock but in the beginnings he learned latin and classical music. Because of this very variegated guitarist. John Mayer and Robben Ford inspired him the best. He worked a lot of famous hungarian singer. He wrote songs to other and played the guitar on their concerts.

    He has only telecasters and he use a Ceriatone amplifier which is one of the best of Dumble clone. He plays an electric guitar the most mostly, but on a usual acoustic guitar too.