"Awesome tone, tension and feel. I've found what I consider to be the perfect string!"
     -Rob Marcello, Guitarist for Danger Danger, The Defiants

The latest twist on the iconic Boomers® line, GHS Coated Boomers® bring you classic tone with extended longevity. Unlike other string manufacturers, we have our nickel-plated steel cover wire coated FIRST, and then wrapped around the round core wire. This keeps the brightness and tone intact, without muffling or dulling the sound.

Coated plain steel strings round out the sets, to ensure that you can play longer and sound better, with GHS Coated Boomers®.

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E
CB-GBXL SETS - COATED BOOMERS® - Extra Light 009-042 CB-009 CB-011 CB-016 CB-DY24 CB-DY32 CB-DY42
CB-GBCL SETS - COATED BOOMERS® - Custom Light 009-046 CB-009 CB-011 CB-016 CB-DY26 CB-DY36 CB-DY46
CB-GBL SETS - COATED BOOMERS® - Light 010-046 CB-010 CB-013 CB-017 CB-DY26 CB-DY36 CB-DY46
CB-GBTNT SETS - COATED BOOMERS® - Thin-Thick 010-052 CB-010 CB-013 CB-017 CB-DY30 CB-DY44 CB-DY52
CB-GBM SETS - COATED BOOMERS® - Medium 011-050 CB-011 CB-015 CB-018 CB-DY26 CB-DY36 CB-DY50
CB-GBH SETS - COATED BOOMERS® - Heavy 012-052 CB-012 CB-016 CB-019 CB-DY28 CB-DY38 CB-DY52