Max out your Boomers® experience with our Sub-Zero™ Boomers® series. GHS Sub-Zero™ Boomers® are Cryogenically treated in a computerized system with liquid nitrogen, taking them down to a temperature of minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and then gradually restoring them to room temperature. This treatment improves the dimensional stability of the strings, keeping them in tune, while increasing resistance to corrosion.  Electric Guitar Strings

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E
CR-GBUL SET SETS - SUB-ZERO™ BOOMERS® ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS - CR-GBUL Set, Ultra Light, Electric Guitar Strings 008-038 CR-008 CR-011 CR-014 CR-DY22 CR-DY30 CR-DY38
CR-GBXL SET SETS - SUB-ZERO™ BOOMERS® ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS - CR-GBXL Set, Extra Light, Electric Guitar Strings 009-042 CR-009 CR-011 CR-016 CR-DY24 CR-DY32 CR-DY42
CR-GBCL SET SETS - SUB-ZERO™ BOOMERS® ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS - CR-GBCL Set, Custom Light, Electric Guitar Strings 009-046 CR-009 CR-011 CR-016 CR-DY26 CR-DY36 CR-DY46
CR-GBL SET SETS - SUB-ZERO™ BOOMERS® ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS - CR-GBL Set, Light, Electric Guitar Strings 010-046 CR-010 CR-013 CR-017 CR-DY26 CR-DY36 CR-DY46
CR-GBM SET SETS - SUB-ZERO™ BOOMERS® ELECTRIC GUITAR STRINGS - CR-GBM Set, Medium, Electric Guitar Strings 011-050 CR-011 CR-015 CR-018 CR-DY26 CR-DY36 CR-DY50
T-Bone .

would like to see an .0095-.042/.044 set. the older I get, the easier they are to bend. other string companies have seen the light so get on board!

Jonathan Moody

You can easily put a 9.5 set together from the singles that are available. That would be an option, while we see if the demand is there for a packaged version. 

chris w.

So when are you guys going to do a 7 and 8 strings sets of theses?

Jonathan Moody

Hi Chris, thanks for the question! At this point there are no plans for a 7 or 8 string set of the Sub-Zero. Aside from you, I've not fielded any other requests for them. 

michael s.

7 and 8 string sets please.

Michael S.

I second that.. Cryo sets are my favorite- There sonic brilliance lasts much longer, and they truly bring out the clarity in the lower register with 7 string guitars. Dean Markley and Ernie Ball sell them, but I’d die for the GHS 7 string boomer gauges AND cryo.. 

J.P. S.

Great strings, although I wish GHS would offer them in more sizes such as TNT.

John P.

Best strings I’ve ever used. They last a long time and have just a different feel than the normal boomers.