White Mystery "UNTEDDY" from double record 'DUBBLE DRAGON' 

Download the MP3 http://goo.gl/UjIqYg

Directed by Hannah Welever & Sam Wakefield

Shot by Hannah Welever & Tyler Bailey

Edited by Zach Moore

WHITE MYSTERY is Miss Alex White & Francis Scott Key White

PIG MAN played by Zach Moore & Tyler Bailey

Pig Masks Designed by Nick Swartz

Produced by Shades Media Group & White Mystery

Locations are Chop Shop Chicago & Wally World

Rotting pigs swing from hooks 
Battery acid smile
My soul recoils in horror 
Trapped inside my mortal coil
They’re taking us to the smoke houses 
Death at the cow farm
Slaughterhouse, your only escape 
Beloved butcher set me free, fly
Fly on leathery wings

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