Directed and Produced by The Outer Vibe

Director of Photography: Tristan Barnard (SkyDoor Studios)

Edited by Tristan Barnard

Gaffer: Phil Collins

Assisted by: Kateland Harris, Breawna Schwartz, Mitchell Stafford, Grant Holub

Hair and makeup: Marissa Frazier (Artistry Hair Studio of Rapid City, SD)

Special thanks to Roger from Zweifel Motors in Piedmont, SD

Twitter: @theoutervibe

Instagram: theoutervibe

Lyrics: Like diamonds and gold When pressure takes its toll, we shine Bruises and stains Some hard to explain, but they're mine With my lady at my side My boys at my back, I can't be stopped Not a dime in my pocket I fly like a rocket laser guided to the top And I'm shining like a diamond And I'm shining like a diamond in the night My dreams can't be sold What you throw away I call home All your Hollywood glitz is eclipsed by the smile from your soul And you can keep your bank rolls Your luxuries and loans don't impress me My treasure is my work from the sweat and the dirt From the holes in my soul and a story to be told And I'm shining like a diamond Throw your diamonds in the fire Watch them burning brighter Feel the heat I'll never tire Pressure building higher Left it all behind to chase my dreams on down And I'll give you all I have 'Cause what goes around comes back around And I'm shining like a diamond And one day I'll become dust But my love will never rust, tarnish, or fade

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