Shadow Horse
  • Original

    Roundwound Nickel-Plated Steel / 14 sets from 008-038 to 013-056

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  • Original

    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 030-090 to 050-115

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  • Shadow Horse

    Electric Guitar, Bass
    Mythic Rock
    GBTNT Guitar Boomers, M3045, 3035 Bass Boomers

    Shadow Horse arrived on the scene with their debut album "The Visitor" June of 2017. Leading off with an epic concept album, an eleven song odyssey.Telling the arrival of The Visitor through the eyes of a hero brought to the edge of death and back. Brutal riffs, soaring solos and a thunderous rhythm section drive the scenes with a tension and catchiness that enthralls the listener. Brought together in Nashville TN with a desire to take chances and create something special, this three piece powerhouse truly loves what they do. With much more music on the horizon, Shadow Horse is a band on a mission.

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