Super Silvers

Innovation Super Silvers have set the standard for synthetic double bass strings. Wound with a clear nylon tape over silvered copper windings (which give it their trademark silver hue), Super Silvers are for those players looking for a slightly higher tension set than the Innovation Silver Slaps.

Unlike their Rockabilly cousins, the Super Silver strings have a more organic, gut-like tone, that is round with a blunt attack and quick decay. These characteristics please the musician that is looking for the sound of gut strings, but without the stability and durability concerns.

Favored in rockabilly and bluegrass circles, Super Silver strings are suitable for any genre.

PLEASE NOTE: All Innovation Double Bass strings are currently made to order. Expect up to a 10-12 business day lead time for us to wind the strings and ship them out.

90140SS Super Silvers - Standard Set
9014GSS Super Silvers - G String
9014DSS Super Silvers - D String
9014ASS Super Silvers - A String
9014ESS Super Silvers - E String
Oscar Stern

I think for all of the Tapewound strings we'll need to add on a Low E/C extended E String, as well as a High C & Low B string for the extended range Uprights for increased versatility. The Braided Orchestral Solo String set could add on a High D & Low C#. Solo Strings work great in Orchestral tuning for players who have hurt hands so that's fantastic.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Oscar, thanks for the suggestion. Increasing the line as you suggested just isn't feasible. It's possible to do it for the Super Silvers and perhaps one of the other nylon string families, but there is simply no demand to increase it fully. To date, there hasn't been any requests for a High D or Low C# string in the Braided Orch Solo family either. It's something we can certainly look into, but at this time it's not a reality.