Guitar maintenance is just as critical to an instrument’s sound and playability as a new set of strings. Clean, smooth frets allow for optimal contact of the strings to your instrument, improving the instrument’s sound and playability. The GHS Fingerboard Care Kit makes it easy to maintain your instrument’s frets and fingerboard. The kit is ideal for all stringed instruments with natural, non-glossy, darker fingerboards. This includes acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitars as well as ukuleles and other fretted instruments.

The GHS Fingerboard Care Kit includes a Fret Buffer, GHS Fingerboard Cleaner/Conditioner and a Cloth. 

Click here to download the Fingerboard Care Kit Instructions PDF

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Sebastian A.

Hello! the fact that is the same liquid as Fast-Fret, means that i can use it to soak the felt again?


Does this product come in the Metal cannister, as shown in the image?   I really wish that the OG Fast Fret still was offerred in the Metal can.  The plastic versions, well, they are FLIMSY, and the lid comes off easily. The lubricant stick dries out, because the plastic tube is open, due to this!  The Metal can was a LOT better at preserving the Fast Fret fluid.

chris w.

Is the fingerboard care oil the same as the fast fret cleaner smell the same to me

Jonathan Moody

Hey Chris, you are correct! We use the same liquid in both Fast-Fret and the Fingerboard Care Kit.