GHS Brightness Bar for Bass Guitar Strings

GHS Balanced Nickels Bass Guitar Strings

GHS is proud to release Balanced Nickel strings for bass guitar, a combination of traditional string materials and modern string design. Wound over a round steel core with a pure nickel (nickel 205) final cover, Balanced Nickels have the same number of wraps from string to string. This yields a tone that is deep but focused, with an extremely even response, no matter where you are on the fretboard. The end result is a balance between tension, flexibility, tonality and playability.

Why Should You Play Balanced Nickels?

  • You want that vintage bass guitar sound, with a modern twist
  • You're looking to unlock the full tonality of your bass
  • You want the same tonality across the entire fretboard
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E
4700 SET 4700 SET - SHORT SCALE BALANCED NICKELS - 4700 SET - Medium (32.75" winding) - Bass Guitar Strings 44-106 4701 (.044) 4702 (.060) 4703 (.080) 4704 (.106)
Michael A.

Which diameter would provide a balanced tension with these for a high C string on my short-scale 5er?

Jonathan Moody

Hi Michael, you're not going to have many options for a couple of reasons. First, there's very few HIgh C strings available as-is, and second, you're looking for a short scale option that fits a set of pure nickel strings. If you can find a .032 in a nickel-plated steel (or even a flatwound), I'd start there. Those are probably your best options. 

Steve R.

What about a B string for the 5 stringers ?

Jonathan Moody

Possibly. There hasn't been a huge demand for these in a 5st short scale set yet, but it could happen. I can look into it. 


I really like the sound of these strings on my short scale bass and yes, they really do provide even response across all four strings. Can you PLEASE PLEASE start producing these for Medium Scale basses?

Jonathan Moody

That's a possibility, given the rise in medium scale basses (of which, I play 2 also)