GHS Brightness Bar for Bass Guitar Strings

GHS Balanced Nickels Bass Guitar Strings

GHS is proud to release Balanced Nickel strings for bass guitar, a combination of traditional string materials and modern string design. Wound over a round steel core with a pure nickel (nickel 205) final cover, Balanced Nickels have the same number of wraps from string to string. This yields a tone that is deep but focused, with an extremely even response, no matter where you are on the fretboard. The end result is a balance between tension, flexibility, tonality and playability.

Why Should You Play Balanced Nickels?

  • You want that vintage bass guitar sound, with a modern twist
  • You're looking to unlock the full tonality of your bass
  • You want the same tonality across the entire fretboard
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
4L-NB SET SETS - BALANCED NICKELS - 4L-NB SET - Light (37.25" winding) - Bass Guitar Strings 40-101 NB40 NB56 NB76 NB101
5L-NB SET SETS - BALANCED NICKELS - 5L-NB SET - Light, 5 String (37.25" winding) - Bass Guitar Strings 40-126 NB40 NB56 NB76 NB101 NB126
4M-NB SET SETS - BALANCED NICKELS - 4M-NB SET - Medium (37.25" winding) - Bass Guitar Strings 44-106 NB44 NB60 NB80 NB106
5M-NB SET SETS - BALANCED NICKELS - 5M-NB SET - Medium, 5 String (37.25" winding) - Bass Guitar Strings 44-130 NB44 NB60 NB80 NB106 NB130
Nicholas L.

Will you ever have a BEAD tuning set? I buy the BEAD tuning Bass Boomers (Medium-Light) for C Standard tuning and it would be great to do the same for these.

Bertrand A.


Did you plan to add 6 strings sets ? 

Or a least a C strings ?

Thanks you so much for this incredible strings !

Jonathan Moody

Hey Bertrand, there are no plans for a 6st set. It is far more likely that we'll introduce a C string single, but it may be a bit. Because the Balanced Nickels are such a different beast in terms of construction, we want to make sure that the C string - whenever it comes out - is as tonally close as we can get.