Tuning a 4 String Bass BEAD (or, the lower 4 strings of a 5 string bass) is not a new development. However, players had to either purchase strings separately or a 5 string set and throw away the G string to be able to do this.

With the BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers® sets from GHS Strings, players can now buy the exact sets they want without the previous hassle.

WARNING: These sets are optimized for BEAD tuning on a 4 string bass. Do NOT attempt to tune these sets up to standard EADG tuning.

SKU Set Gauges 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B Purchase
4ML-B-DYB BEAD TUNED BASS BOOMERS® - Medium Light (37.25" winding) 060-125 DYB60X DYB80 DYB100 DYB125 Find a Dealer
4M-B-DYB BEAD TUNED BASS BOOMERS® - Medium (37.25" winding) 065-130 DYB65 DYB85 DYB105 DYB130 Find a Dealer
4H-B-DYB BEAD TUNED BASS BOOMERS® - Heavy (37.25" winding) 070-140 DYB70 DYB90 DYB115 DYB140 Find a Dealer