Thick Core Boomers are for the players that want MORE from their strings. A beefier core boosts your playing inspiration by allowing greater sustain, a more focused low end and thicker tone. The thicker core of these Boomers is great for both standard and drop tuning.

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E Purchase
HC-GBXL THICK CORE BOOMERS® - Extra Light 009-043 009 011 016 HC25 HC33 HC43 Find a Dealer
HC-GBCL THICK CORE BOOMERS® - Custom Light 009-048 009 011 016 HC28 HC38 HC48 Find a Dealer
HC-GBL THICK CORE BOOMERS® - Light 010-048 010 013 018 HC28 HC38 HC48 Find a Dealer
HC-GBM THICK CORE BOOMERS® - Medium 011-056 011 015 019 HC28 HC38 HC56 Find a Dealer