GHS Stainless Steel Precision Flats™ deliver a traditional deep percussive tone due to the unique cross-winding process. They are made with a highly magnetic stainless steel flat wrap for greater volume, longer durability and a smooth satin finish.

SKU Set Gauges 1-E 2-B 3-G 4-D 5-A 6-E
750 SETS - PRECISION FLATS™ - 750 set, Ultra Light 009-042 009 011 016 F24 F32 F42
800 SETS - PRECISION FLATS™ - 800 Set, Extra Light 011-046 011 014 F22 F28 F36 F46
900 SETS - PRECISION FLATS™ - 900 Set, Light 012-050 012 016 F24 F30 F40 F50
1000 SETS - PRECISION FLATS™ - 1000 Set, Medium 013-054 013 017 F26 F34 F44 F54
Ryan j.

Im pretty disappointed with this string set. Im healing from a wrist injury and Im looking for a set of 9 flats because I love flats but larger flats hurt to much.  4th  string tuned to d is playing ab on the fifth fret. Its a half step down all the way down the neck makes absolutely no sense. My guitar was properly intonated with the set I took off before theses I put on a 28g d string from a larger set of flats and its perfectly in tune all the way of the neck..  


guys. Please update this site to include all gauges contained in each set. Please.

Tony W.

What is the status on providing 10-46 Precision Flats?


Ben M.

I just bought the GHS precision flatwounds 9 gauge strings I was wondering if the g string is a plain g 

Nathaniel M.

Do you have any options for a baritone guitar that are also stainless steel?

Jonathan Moody

Hi Nathaniel, not at this time. The thickest Precision Flats single we currently offer is only a .054. 

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