Designed specifically to fit the NS Design NXT and CR Series of Electric Upright Basses, the GHS Crossovers are an exciting addition to a ground-breaking instrument. Alloy 52 is wound over a round core wire and then micro-ground for a smooth, upright bass feel. This yields a string with a deep and focused fundamental tone, suitable for those needing both contemporary and traditional sounds.

Please Note: These strings are NS Standard length, designed to fit the NS Design NXT and CR Series of Electric Upright Basses. They will NOT fit traditional upright basses or the NS Omni Bass.

SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
NS3075 SETS - CROSSOVERS - Regular (46.5" winding) 037-104 NS37 NS53 NS74 NS104
NS3075-5 SETS - CROSSOVERS - Regular, 5 String (46.5" winding) 037-127 NS37 NS53 NS74 NS104 NS127
Oscar Stern

I have a request on adding a High C String for the NS EUB because it would rock. I always use Long Scale Bass Strings on the Omni Bass cause well it's the same scale as a Bass Guitar.

Oscar Stern

Very cool but we need to add a High C for the 6 String NS Design Upright Bass Models because they're becoming more popular etc along w/ a Round Wound version of these strings. Since the Omni Bass scale length is the same as any Bass Guitar, standard Bass Guitar strings seem like a good match for it.

Jonathan Moody

Oscar, at present we have no plans (nor received any requests) for a High C string for the NS EUBs. Nor have we received any requests for roundwound strings for these 42" scale instruments. I'm an NS artist myself, and have a great relationship with those folk, so if there was something coming, they'd let me know. 

The Omni can take any bass guitar strings that are 37.25" winding length. Anything longer and you run the risk of having the full diameter wrap around the tuning post, which can put undue stress on the string and possibly lead to breakage.