When you don't just want to "sit in the mix" but carve a path through it, look to GHS Super Steels! Stainless steel is wrapped over a hex core to bring a bright and snappy tone to your bass, without piercing or shrill overtones. The low end is strong and well defined, down to the low B string, giving your bass a clarity that is unmatched. Super Steels allow you to cut through the mix quickly and easily, while still anchoring the band.

Why Should You Play Super Steels?

  • You're looking for a bright and lively bass tone
  • You want to cut through the mix quickly and easily
  • You need extra articulation and clarity of tone

“I can draw a bigger and more dynamic sound out of my bass by playing with a lighter touch, and I believe that my Signature Set of GHS Strings really helps me achieve a touch that will sound big, no matter what genre I’m playing.”
   -Evan Marien

SKU Set Gauges High C 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
6L-STB SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - 6L-STB Set, Light, 6 String (36.5" winding) 027-126 STB27 STB40 STB58 STB80 STB102 STB126
L5000 SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - L5000 Set, Light (38" winding) 040-102 STB40 STB58 STB80 STB102
ML5000 SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - ML5000 Set, Medium Light (38" winding) 044-102 STB44 STB63 STB80 STB102
M5000 SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - M5000 Set, Medium (38" winding) 044-106 STB44 STB63 STB84 STB106
5ML-STB SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - 5ML-STB Set, Medium Light, 5 String (36.5" winding) 044-121 STB44 STB63 STB80 STB98 STB121
5M-STB SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - 5M-STB Set, Medium, 5 String (36.5" winding) 044-126 STB44 STB63 STB84 STB106 STB126
CM5000 SETS - BASS SUPER STEELS™ - CM5000 Set, Custom Medium (38" winding) 045-105 STB45 STB65 STB80 STB105
Jovan T.

I love these strings! I just started using the CM5000 set, and they're exactly what I was looking for in a Stainless Steel roundwound. Bright but not too harsh, and still lots of low end content. Plus, they're much smoother than other SS strings. 

Jonathan Moody

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad to hear that they're smoother to the touch. That's good info that a lot of our customers ask about. 

Marc D.

Hi there GHS family ! I was wondering if there was any way I could pay extra to have these shipped super lighting fast (or as fast as possible) ?? I'd love to use these for all my JazzFestival shows next week. Cheers :)