GHS Precision Flats™ Bass Strings deliver traditional deep percussive tone due to a unique cross-winding process. They are made with a highly magnetic stainless steel flat wrap for greater volume, longer durability and a smooth satin finish.

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SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E
3020 SETS - SHORT SCALE PRECISION FLATS™ - Light (32.75" winding) 045-095 3021 (.045) 3022 (.060) 3023 (.075) 3024 (.095)
David A.

Hi. Looking to put these on an Ibanez Mikro bass.  Will they work?

Jonathan Moody

Hi David, they should work. We have another "micro" bass in the office with the same scale length as the Ibanez Mikro, and our short scale sets will fit. It's very close! But they'll work. 

Charles B.

Hi, Will these flats work on a Harley Benton shorty P Bass? Ball end to nut measures 31 1/2 inch (31.5). From the Ball end to the beginning of the E tuning post is 33 and 1/8 inch. Sounds like it falls within the 32.75 winding length but I would like to be sure before purchasing them. Thanks. 

Jonathan Moody

Hi Charles, thanks for all the information. This set should fit the Harley Benton bass you have just fine. There should be no issues at all. 

Charles B.

They fit great on my HB shorty. The flats really open up the P Bass pickup sound and the tone knob actually provides a broader range now.

Martin D.

are those flats suitable for Fender Mustang bass with thru body (bridge)?

Jonathan Moody

I would first double check that the short scale set (that has a 32.75" winding length) is long enough for the thru-body Mustang. You might need the medium scale set. 

That aside, the Precision Flats are flexible enough that you shouldn't have a problem with a thru-body bridge. Personally I advise against it, but we have a huge number of players that do this will no ill effects. 

Jasja D.


I am looking for flatwounds for my (original) burns nu sonic bass. Challening, as it is a short scale, quite small holes in the tune elements and i need low tension. Do you think these strings would fit it?

Jonathan Moody

To figure this out, I'm going to need you to take a couple measurements. I need the distance from the outside of the ball end (on the string currently installed) to the nut, and then from the ball end to the E tuning post. Ideally, the winding length of our Precision Flats short scale set (which is 32.75") should fall between those two measurements. Meaning, the tapering of the string should start after the nut, but before you get to the tuning  post.

All of our short scale sets are a lower tension (than the standard 34" scale) but I don't feel they're floppy in terms of stiffness.

John R. Collins

Hello GHS 

The SHORT SCALE PRECISION FLATS™Sound and Fell Great. I have a Hofner Shorty Bass ( 2020 model ) They Fit Perfect on the Hofner Shorty Bass. THe Tuner end of string will go through the Tuner Hole, Which is a big problem with other bass strings I have tried. The Labella strings they Fit great on the violin bass However They will not Fit on The Hofner shorty bass. SHORT SCALE PRECISION FLAT are Just Great and solved the problem. The reason I wrote This Post was because I could not find any information one what strings Work on the Hofner Shorty Bass. 

Thank You GHS



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