Long revered as the "Sound of Chocolate," Precision Flats™ sound and feel like rock and roll history! Stainless steel ribbon wire is wound over a hex core, and polished to a velvety smooth finish. This makes a string that is deep and percussive, with a bit of throat on the attack. The top end is pulled back too, with a smoothness to the notes as you climb the fretboard. You'll sit in the mix with a deep authority, ready to anchor the band all night.

Why Should You Play Precision Flats?

  • You want to sit low in the mix, and anchor the groove
  • You know there's magic with a Fender P-Bass and flats!
  • You want that authentic vintage sound and feel
$72.71 $43.99
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E
3120 3120 SET - MEDIUM SCALE PRECISION FLATS™ - 3120 Set Light (35.5" winding) 045-095 3121 (.045) 3122 (.060) 3123 (.075) 3124 (.095)
Frank P.

I just bought these for my Gretsch G5442BDC.  Quick deliver by GHS.  Perfect fit for this guitar.  ...And they feel and sound awesome.

Many thanks, GHS!!!

Adriano P.

Hi, for a Guild Starfire I what would you suggest? These or the 3020 set would be fine too? The 3020s are a bit easier to find.

Jonathan Moody

Hi Ariano, the 3020 set would be too short for the Guild Starfire. With the bridge that's used, you definitely need the 3120 set.