Long revered as the "Sound of Chocolate," Precision Flats™ sound and feel like rock and roll history! Stainless steel ribbon wire is wound over a hex core, and polished to a velvety smooth finish. This makes a string that is deep and percussive, with a bit of throat on the attack. The top end is pulled back too, with a smoothness to the notes as you climb the fretboard. You'll sit in the mix with a deep authority, ready to anchor the band all night.

Why Should You Play Precision Flats?

  • You want to sit low in the mix, and anchor the groove
  • You know there's magic with a Fender P-Bass and flats!
  • You want that authentic vintage sound and feel
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SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
3025 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - 3025 Set, Light (38" winding) 045-095 FB45 FB60 FB75 FB95
M3050 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - M3050 Set, Medium (38" winding) 045-105 FB45 FB65 FB85 FB105
M3050-5 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - M3050-5 Set, Medium, 5 String (37.25" winding) 045-126 FB45 FB65 FB85 FB105 FB126
3050 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - 3050 Set, Regular (38" winding) 055-105 FB55 FB70 FB90 FB105
CM3050 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - CM3050 Set, Custom Medium (38" Winding) 45-105 FB45 FB60 FB80 FB105
Justin R.

I love the way these sound and feel on a Fender P with/without a pick. Sounds classic even with the mids cranked.

Jovan T.

I didn't try these for a while on my flatwound journey, and I'm kicking myself now for all the money I wasted. These are the perfect old-school flatwounds. They sound halfway broken in out of the pack and nail that 60s and 70s tone. I have them on two of my Fender 60s reissue Jazz basses and those basses will never see another set of strings but these.

Jonathan Moody

Hey Jovan, thanks for the kind words. The Precision Flats are a very vintage-flavored set, and are the perfect match for those players looking for that tone. Glad you found it!


There seem to be a lot of flatwound bass strings on the market that feature a bright tone that's closer to a roundwound string. In fact, some are even advertised that way, but when I choose a flatwound bass string I'm looking for what I call the original Fender Bass sound: smooth and punchy with a strong fundamental and a slightly percussive attack. GHS Precision Flats are one of the strings that delivers this sound, and without too much tension (I choose the M3050 set). They also have a smooth outer surface which is important, as some other brands of flatwounds have an unpleasant "sticky" feel due to the gaps in the outer windings. I've heard people say that these are closest to the original strings that came on vintage Fender basses, and they certainly seem to capture that sound.

Jonathan Moody

Thanks so much for the kind words and the excellent review. 

As a point of clarity, the "sticky" feel isn't so much to do with the gaps between the outer windings as it is how the strings are polished after the flat wire is wound on the string. If it's hand sanded, it will be much smoother than if it's run through a grinding wheel (that needs lubrication to work properly).