GHS Precision Flats™ Bass Strings deliver traditional deep percussive tone due to a unique cross-winding process. They are made with a highly magnetic stainless steel flat wrap for greater volume, longer durability and a smooth satin finish.

$72.71 $43.99
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
3025 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - Light (38" winding) 045-095 FB45 FB60 FB75 FB95
M3050 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - Medium (38" winding) 045-105 FB45 FB65 FB85 FB105
M3050-5 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - Medium, 5 String (37.25" winding) 045-126 FB45 FB65 FB85 FB105 FB126
3050 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - Regular (38" winding) 055-105 FB55 FB70 FB90 FB105
CM3050 SETS - BASS PRECISION FLATS™ - Custom Medium (38" Winding) 45-105 FB45 FB60 FB80 FB105

There seem to be a lot of flatwound bass strings on the market that feature a bright tone that's closer to a roundwound string. In fact, some are even advertised that way, but when I choose a flatwound bass string I'm looking for what I call the original Fender Bass sound: smooth and punchy with a strong fundamental and a slightly percussive attack. GHS Precision Flats are one of the strings that delivers this sound, and without too much tension (I choose the M3050 set). They also have a smooth outer surface which is important, as some other brands of flatwounds have an unpleasant "sticky" feel due to the gaps in the outer windings. I've heard people say that these are closest to the original strings that came on vintage Fender basses, and they certainly seem to capture that sound.