GHS Strings Brightness Bar for Bass Guitar Strings

GHS Strings Brite Flats Bass Guitar Strings

When you are looking for “Motown with an Attitude,” GHS Brite Flats™ get the call. We take a highly magnetic nickel-iron alloy (Alloy 52), wind it over a hex core and then grind it smooth. This gives you a string that feels like a flatwound, but sounds closer to a roundwound with a mellow sound that is tightly defined.

Why Should You Play Brite Flats?

  • You want that vintage thump, but a brighter and more modern sound too
  • You want an edge to your dark tonality, to cut through "just enough"
  • You like tight definition and sustain with low action
SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E
3070 3070 SET - SHORT SCALE BRITE FLATS™ - 3070 Set, Regular (32.75" winding) 049-108 3071 (.049) 3072 (.062) 3073 (.084) 3074 (.108
Dylan G.

Please make a Low B string!  Don’t let Gordo have all the fun!!

Jeremias P.

Yes! Please my make a low B string! There are quite a few short-scale / medium-scale 5 string basses out there now... plus, aren't you already making them for Mike Gordon?

edwin  d.

Please make B strings for a short scale bass. Its fine to order them apert with  4 strings set. 0,125 would be fine. 

John M.

My kingdom, well almost, for a Short Scale Brite Flats B string. I'm more than willing to pay the extra cost for a single string to add to the 4-string set.

Jonathan Moody

Hey John, that's something we could look into but no guarantees on a timeline. You're probably the first person that's asked for it. 

Eric C.

I’d buy one of those too.