When you are looking for “Motown with an Attitude,” GHS Brite Flats™ fill the void. Made with nickel-iron alloy in the same manner as standard roundwound strings, the final cover is precisely ground after the string is completed, leaving a smooth finish. The end result is a string that feels like a flatwound, but has the bite and definition of a roundwound.

SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
L3075 SETS - BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Light (38" winding) 045-098 BF45 BF56 BF77 BF98
M3075 SETS - BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Medium (38" winding) 049-108 BF49 BF62 BF84 BF108
M3075-5 SETS - BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Medium, 5 String (38" winding) 049-129 BF49 BF62 BF84 BF108 BF129
ML3075 SETS - BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Medium Light (38" winding) 052-103 BF52 BF65 BF84 BF103
Jonathan Moody

What you are describing (pressure on the nut from the string) is a result of the angle of the string, and not the string itself. A headstock that isn’t properly designed with the angles for strings will have this issue, no matter what gauge you put on it. You’ll have a bigger problem with an improperly cut nut or a G string angle (as that string has typically more tension than the E). 

Your concerns about breaking a nut are warranted. But, it’s not due to the string wrapping around the tuner. 

Jovan T.

It is exactly the angle of the string, and when you have this scenario, it changes that angle because of the thick part wrapping around the tuner when normally, with strings that do not do that, the string shoots straight through the nut to the tuner. The particular bass I was putting these strings on has a perfectly cut nut and no issues whatsoever with anything you described (Fender American Original 60s Jazz)

I know I'm not the first person thats had this issue with GHS's 38 inch wind after doing some reading on some of the bass forums about this, but it's not the end of the world. 

Jonathan Moody

Jovan, it will not cause issues with the nut or tuning stability. I've done it many times (either for testing or real-life gigging situations) and those concerns don't exist. It is the same concern people have with our Precision Flats (that are also 38" winding length), but they are just fine. 

Jovan T.

It does create pressure on the side of the nut slot from the thick part of the string wrapping around the tuner. I've ran into this issue before with another manufacturers strings. Maybe a lighter gauge than the 49-108 would solve this issue, but I'm not a fan of anything lighter than the 45-105 standard. I wasn't about to risk damaging the nut because that is way more expensive and time consuming to fix than simply using a different set of strings. 

Jovan T.

The 38 inch wind is way too long on the E string for a Fender. Wish these were offered in a 36.5 inch like the Boomers. Bummer that I had to pitch a new set of strings. 

Jonathan Moody

Hi Jovan, thank you for your feedback. You shouldn't have to pitch them; they'll still fit on your Fender at that winding length. The full diameter of the E string does wrap around the tuner, but it will not cause any duress or issues with the string. 

FYI, Bass Boomers have been at 37.25" winding length for a number of years now. 

Jovan T.

It most certainly could cause issues with the nut, and tuning stability tho.

I know it says 37.25 on the package, but on the individual string paper sleeves it says 36.5. Either way, they fit.