When you are looking for “Motown with an Attitude,” GHS Brite Flats™ fill the void. Made with nickel-iron alloy in the same manner as standard roundwound strings, the final cover is precisely ground after the string is completed, leaving a smooth finish. The end result is a string that feels like a flatwound, but has the bite and definition of a roundwound.

SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B Purchase
L3075 BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Light (38" winding) 045-098 BF45 BF56 BF77 BF98 Find a Dealer
M3075 BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Medium (38" winding) 049-108 BF49 BF62 BF84 BF108 Find a Dealer
M3075-5 BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Medium, 5 String (38" winding) 049-129 BF49 BF62 BF84 BF108 BF129 Find a Dealer
ML3075 BASS BRITE FLATS™ - Medium Light (38" winding) 052-103 BF52 BF65 BF84 BF103 Find a Dealer