Developed by bass experts in the office and tested by bass professionals in the field, Roundcore Bass Boomers are an exciting addition to the string family at GHS. Wrapping nickel-plated steel over a round core gives these strings a soft, well-defined top end with a warm and pronounced fundamental. These strings are ready for whatever gig you have.

SKU Set Gauges 1-G 2-D 3-A 4-E 5-B
RC-L3045 SETS - ROUND CORE BASS BOOMERS® - Light (37.25" winding) 040-095 RC-DYB40 RC-DYB55 RC-DYB75 RC-DYB95
RC-ML3045 SETS - ROUND CORE BASS BOOMERS® - Medium Light (37.25" winding) 045-100 RC-DYB45 RC-DYB65 RC-DYB80 RC-DYB100
RC-M3045 SETS - ROUND CORE BASS BOOMERS® - Medium (37.25" winding) 045-105 RC-DYB45 RC-DYB65 RC-DYB85 RC-DYB105
RC-5ML-DYB SETS - ROUND CORE BASS BOOMERS® - Medium Light, 5 String (37.25" winding) 045-126 RC-DYB45 RC-DYB65 RC-DYB80 RC-DYB100 RC-DYB126
RC-5M-DYB SETS - ROUND CORE BASS BOOMERS® - Medium, 5 String (37.25" winding) 045-130 RC-DYB45 RC-DYB65 RC-DYB85 RC-DYB105 RC-DYB130
RC-H3045 SETS - ROUND CORE BASS BOOMERS® - Heavy (37.25" winding) 050-115 RC-DYB50 RC-DYB70 RC-DYB95 RC-DYB115
Frank R.

I discovered and switched to Round Core Bass Boomers recently, and I will use these exclusively from now on.  I love the flexible feel from the round core, and they sound great.
How about sizing a set for the Squier Mini P?   It has become a very popular bass.  

Jonathan Moody

Thanks for the kind words! We can look into it, but the Mini P hasn't caught on nearly as much as of yet. The Mikro would be a more popular starting point, and thankfully that already accepts typical "short scale" bass strings. 

Frank R.

I don't think you have the data if you are stating that.   The Mini P is a very big seller, and the topic of a ton of online forum dialog.
The Mikro "accepts" short scale strings - if you cut them.   But, I'm sure your short scale sets, and the short scale sets of just about all manufacturers, do Not fit the Mikro without cutting.

You folks very easily could size strings that legitimately fit both the Mikro and the Mini P at the same time.   It would sell significantly.  

Jonathan Moody

Frank, online forum dialog is GREAT. But, it's a microcosm of a larger picture. If we only went by what forums were talking about, we'd have a LOT more "balanced tension" options out there, as it's still a hot topic for debate. But when I compare the online chatter with sales numbers, it tells a different story (and I've talked to dealers as well).

I've been watching the "micro short scale" basses for quite some time,. I've spent time with the MiKro already, and our short scale sets (which are slightly longer than the usual 32" winding length of most companies) do fit as-is, with no cutting aside from the usual trimming. I've physically checked, and many users have confirmed it as well.

As said, I will look into the Mini P, but making a set of strings for what's still a "niche" instrument, is a tough sell.  

Jovan T.

Just strung my 60th Anniversary Jazz with these and they are awesome so far. Standard Boomers are a little too high tension for what I like in a roundwound, and these solve that problem and feel much better than the other round core strings I was using.

Jonathan Moody

Thanks for the kind words, Jovan! What specific set/gauges did you string your Jazz up with? 

Jovan T.