Jaymi Millard
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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 030-090 to 050-115

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  • Jaymi Millard

    Electric Bass, Upright Bass
    Rock, Funk, Americana, Pop, Blues, Avant Garde
    L3045 Bass Boomers

    Known for playing basses in all shades of Pink, Jaymi Millard shines brightly in a world of 'standard' colors. His Pink doubleneck has graced many stages across the world. An in-demand session and live entertainer, Jaymi has joined up-and-coming artists such as Ryan Weaver and veteran rocker Mark Slaughter in bringing musical excitement to the masses! Whether an intimate gathering or a packed stadium, there is a Pink bass for all occasions!

    Hailing from Chicago, IL Jaymi now resides in Nashville, TN. His musical adventures began early in life with concert bands playing baritone saxophone and upright bass in a Croatian orchestra. The love of the low end brought him to electric bass and that bass took him to Belmont University to study with Roy Vogt. Jaymi also authored a book called "Pinkbassman's Quick Guide to Buying Vintage Basses" which can be purchased on Amazon. The rest is shrouded in Pink mystery!

    Currently, you can hear Jaymi's bass on the acclaimed 2017 Mark Slaughter release titled, "Halfway There", and on the 2017 Evership album, you can hear all kinds of basses that Jaymi used. A "Pinkbassman" (as Jaymi is known) solo record is in the recording process and should be available early 2019 on Pink vinyl as well as new rock from Mark Slaughter. The Pinkness continues!!!!