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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Four sets from 018-105

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    Electric Bass
    5L-DYB Bass Boomers

    Josh McAfee is a Nashville-based professional bassist from Toledo, Ohio. While only at the age of 24, Josh has already gained several years of experience in performing, touring, recording, and writing. Moving to Nashville to further expand his career in November 2016, Josh has started making a name for himself in the Music City community.

    Josh has spent the last six years touring nationally with various country artists, recently even including major label national acts. Most notably and currently, with Interscope Records' Dylan Schneider since February 2017. Dylan Schneider is Interscope Records' first ever direct country music signing and is also signed to Sony ATV publishing.

    In addition to playing, Josh prides himself on his ability to sing backing vocals/harmonies, his stage presence, image, and his professional attitude.

    As of February 2017, Josh is proud to add endorsements to his list of accomplishments. Josh proudly endorses Reverend Guitars, Aguilar Amplification, and GHS Strings.

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