Carlos Alvarez
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    Roundwound Nickel Plated Steel / Thick Core Wire for added Strength and Power / Four sets from 009-043 to 011-056

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  • Carlos Alvarez

    Electric Guitar
    HC-GBM Thick Core Boomers, TC-GBM Thin Core Boomers

    Carlos Alvarez is a guitarist who has been part of the Philadelphia metal scene for well over 20 years resulting in extensive live and some touring experience. Having 1st been inspired to pick up the guitar after hearing HELLOWEEN as a teenager, Carlos quickly absorbed influences from all styles of metal but also, thanks to his uncle, a keen appreciation for classical, ethnic music and all kinds of 70s music.

    Currently playing live with Philly Traditional / Power Metal monsters POWER THEORY he also had an extended 5 year run in one of Philly's most beloved bands DISPOSABLE HEROES. What started as a tribute to vintage Metallica eventually encompassed bands and songs covering the entire golden age of metal in their marathon, multi hour sets. He's also spearheaded his own studio project SHADOWDANCE, primarily a song writing vehicle giving complete freedom to collaborate with musicians from all over the world with the last album "Future Negative Fantasy" having been released by Rock It Up Records, Germany.

    Carlos also runs his own small studio DIRTY VIKING AUDIO and has recorded, engineered, mixed, produced / co-produced and done session work for many killer bands such as the aforementioned POWER THEORY (Pure Steel Records), HELION PRIME (AFM Records), JUDICATOR (Divebomb Records) and CHAOS FRAME (Nightmare Records) to name but a few. He's also had the pleasure of collaborating on projects with notable engineers such as Jens Bogren, Fredrik Nordström & Brett Caldas-Lima while musicians include members of AYREON, DREAM EVIL, SOILWORK, THE HAUNTED, NILE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, KAMELOT, UNLEASH THE ARCHERS & AMORPHIS to name a few.

    Carlos is currently hard at work co writing and in pre production for the new POWER THEORY album, wrapping up production and preparing to mix the upcoming JUDICATOR and DIRE PERIL albums and co producing + additonal engineering on the upcoming HELION PRIME album.

    "As long as I can play what I'm hearing in my head or kinda close to it, I'm happy"

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