Sonic Universe: The New Rock Phenomenon Featuring GHS Artist Mike Orlando and Corey Glover Debuts

The music world is poised for a shift with the formation of Sonic Universe. This new band brings together an extraordinary ensemble of talent, including Grammy Award-winning vocalist Corey Glover of Living Colour, guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob, drumming sensation Taykwuan Jackson, and renowned bassist Booker King. This collaboration promises to deliver a sound that transcends genres, blending rock, blues, and a heavy groove into a compelling auditory experience.

Sonic Universe, signed to earMUSIC Worldwide, is more than just a band; it combines musical mastery and innovation. Corey Glover, whose voice has captivated millions, and Mike Orlando, whose guitar prowess is unmatched, have co-created a debut album that is as diverse as it is powerful. The ten-song collection showcases the dynamism of Glover's vocals, Orlando's shredding, Jackson's rhythmic brilliance, and King's deep bass lines, making it an eagerly anticipated release across the music spectrum.

The album is described as soulful, bluesy, and heavy, with a "hit you in the face" approach to songwriting that is expected to receive worldwide critical acclaim. Sonic Universe's debut is a testament to the band's collective vision and musicality, promising to be a milestone in contemporary rock music.

Fans and newcomers alike are invited to hold on tight and dive into the Sonic Universe. With its debut, the band will embark on a journey to take listeners through an expansive sonic landscape marked by unforgettable melodies, profound lyrics, and groundbreaking performances.

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