Sage Castleberry Plays His Best With GHS Strings


Sage Castleberry is now a GHS Strings Endorser

10/13/2023 — Michigan's own Sage Castleberry, a rising star in the Pop Country scene, has joined hands with GHS Strings, an industry leader in crafting premium strings.

Born into a family of musicians, Sage Castleberry's musical DNA carries the essence of various genres, from 80s hair bands to classic country tunes. At the tender age of 10, Castleberry picked up the guitar, embarking on a journey to master the art of music. Over the years, Sage has not only honed his craft but also had the privilege of playing alongside immensely talented friends and even with his own father, Tim Castleberry, who is a drummer.

Now, as a burgeoning songwriter and artist, Sage is carving out his unique musical identity and perfecting his artistry.  Sage Castleberry's musical style seamlessly blends the best of both old and new, creating an infectious Pop Country sound that draws from a wide range of influences, including Seaforth and Thomas Rhett. His repertoire features captivating melodies, memorable hooks, and clever lyrics that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Following the resounding success of his debut single, "I Kinda Like It," Sage Castleberry continued to make waves in the music scene with the heartfelt "Last Goodbye" and the lively "Neverland." Each song showcases Sage's growing music collection characterized by its remarkable hooks and lyrical depth

Now, Sage Castleberry takes a poignant and heartfelt step in his musical journey with his just-released debut EP, "Leave With Me Together." This EP, comprised of five compelling tracks, is led by the emotionally charged single "Leave With Me Together." The song pays tribute to Sage's grandparents, Jerry and Donna Castleberry, who tragically passed away an hour apart due to complications from Covid-19 while holding hands. This touching song is a loving homage to "Gram and Pop," recounting their humble home and family life and the timeless desire of true love to stay together forever. The song's endearing lyrics are complemented by a beautiful melody, Sage's soulful vocals, and the evocative sounds of steel guitar.

Sage Castleberry has garnered critical acclaim with his outstanding debut, earning praise from esteemed publications such as Earmilk, Atwood Magazine, and Variance Magazine. With his unique blend of Pop Country and heartfelt storytelling, Sage Castleberry is poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry.

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