Angeline Saris Plays Her Best With GHS Strings.


GHS Strings is proud to announce that Angeline Saris, the accomplished and versatile bassist is officially an endorser of GHS Strings, reinforcing GHS's commitment to supporting exceptional musicians across genres.


With a career that spans various musical genres and collaborations with esteemed artists, Angeline Saris is recognized for her remarkable bass skills and her ability to infuse energy and creativity into every performance. Her partnership with GHS Strings highlights a shared dedication to delivering high-quality sound and innovation.


GHS Strings, a longstanding name in string manufacturing, is honored to welcome Angeline Saris to their family of endorsers. "Angeline's musical journey is inspiring, and her expertise aligns perfectly with our mission to provide musicians with strings that enhance their craft," said Russ McFee, CEO of GHS Strings.


About GHS Strings: For decades, GHS Strings has been a trusted name in the music industry, known for its commitment to producing strings that musicians can rely on. With a diverse product lineup that caters to different musical genres, GHS Strings continues to be a favorite among musicians, both amateur and professional.