NAMM Endorsement Panel a Success

For the second year, GHS Artist, Justin Emord (Love and a .38) led a discussion panel on "Acquiring Sponsorships for your Music Project," which took place Saturday afternoon at NAMM, in one of the Hilton Ballrooms. Emord was joined on the panel by GHS/Rocktron AR, Jon Moody, Graph Tech Guitar Labs AR, Justin Stadig, and touring/session drummer, Nick Drake (Living Dead Drummer).

The one hour panel discussed the basics of approaching a company for an endorsement/sponsorship, what things will set you apart from the crowd (i.e. the X Factor), as well as jokes and anecdotes from the field. Immediately following, the quartet headed upstairs for a live Q&A session, which ended with Stadig and Moody running back to the showfloor to close their respective booths... ironically echoing Stadig's earlier comment that "AR reps usually wear fifty different hats on any given day."

Click here to watch the Endorsement Panel

"I thought this year's sponsorship seminar was fantastic. Being able to open it up to a guided conversation with artists and artist relations as opposed to the more lecture type presentation I did last year was great and allowed for different aspects of the topic to be explored that weren't touched on last year," states Emord. "Continuing the discussion in a one on one type setting for an additional hour with those in attendance rounded out a great panel session. Throughout the weekend, I had people coming up to me saying how much fun they had and what a wealth of information it was. Being able to share that knowledge and hopefully having a positive impact on these young careers? Doesn't get better than that." If you missed this discussion, don't worry; video of the discussion panel will be forthcoming, as well as another discussion by Emord at NAMM 2020.

All photos courtesy Linda Emord

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