Pressurewound Bronze Now Available

The acoustic-electric bass is an exciting instrument that many have a hard time finding the proper strings for. While the stock phosphor bronze strings have excellent volume and tone, the string noise is a deterrent. Because of this, many players opt to switch the strings for something else, which alleviates the string noise  but at the cost of that characteristic volume and tone. 

New for 2017, GHS is proud to release Pressurewound Bronze, a new way to look at the acoustic-electric bass string. By rollerwinding the final phosphor bronze cover, the harsh and abrasive overtones are eliminated, leaving you with a smooth mid-focused sound. 

An additional benefit is that, because the Pressurewound Bronze strings are constructed in the same manner as our popular Balanced Nickels, there is enough material under the phosphor bronze cover that allows these to work with magnetic pickups. 

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