New Updates For GHS Pedal Steel String Sets

Based on feedback from various pedal steel players and builders, we've updated our Pedal Steel string sets to reflect the new standard of pedal steel tuning that has become commonplace.

With these tuning changes, we've revised all of our Pedal Steel string sets as follows:

  • E9 Tuning sets now include a 012 gauge string (previously 013)
  • C6 Tuning sets now include a 015 gauge string (previously 012)

To help delineate the newer tuning in the sets, we've updated the packaging to a more "family" look that coincides with our Mandolin and Banjo sets.

GHS Pedal Steel string sets retain the same great tone and longevity across the range, now revamped for modern tuning. Whether you prefer the bright sound of stainless, the warm attack of nickel-plate, the modern edge of nickel-iron or the smooth tone of pure nickel, there is a set for you. Play with the best - play GHS. 

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