GHS Artist Muriel Anderson Releases New "Wonderlust" Audio/Visual Project

GHS Artist Muriel Anderson has released Wonderlust; a multi-media experience that combines music with the photos of artist, Bryan Allen.

Muriel  and Bryan discovered a shared artistic affinity when they collaborated on the 11-award winning Nightlight Daylight CD. Now as a live performance, Wanderlust is the next chapter of this combined artistry. Bryan’s stunning visuals provide an insightful backdrop to Muriel’s music, chronicling her performances and experiences from different locations around the world. For those that can't see it live, Muriel has also released the Wonderlust DVD, which includes on-the-road moments, performances, and her personal introduction to each song.

"Sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought-provoking, always engaging. It is a musical journey around the world, bringing together diverse cultures and settings, shining a gentle light on our common humanity."

Click here for purchase information and previews from Muriel Anderson's new Wonderlust DVD.

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