GHS Now Offers Revamped Short Scale Bass Strings

We are pleased to announce that our short scale bass strings are now longer! The updated bass strings are designed to work with short scale bass guitars where a little extra length is required, such as those that use a tailpiece or are strung thru-body.


Traditionally, the winding length (ball end to taper / silk) of a short scale bass string has been 32”. However, this measurement did not work easily with all short scale basses, and players resorted to buying medium scale strings instead. To help resolve this issue, we have been working with Big Country bassist, and short scale instrument designer and expert, Scott Whitley. With Scott’s help, GHS has discovered the optimum winding length for short scale bass strings to be 32.75” long. The result is the same great quality strings, now in a winding length more conducive to a wider range of short scale basses.

All of our short scale bass strings are now available in the updated 32.75” winding length, in the following ranges:

Short Scale Bass Boomers

Short Scale Pressurewound

Short Scale Precision Flats

Short Scale Brite Flats

For more information on Scott Whitley and his short scale bass philosophy, click here.

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