New Pure Nickel Mandolin Strings offer Warm Tone

GHS Strings are pleased to introduce their new Pure Nickel Mandolin strings.

GHS Strings have created their new Pure Nickel Mandolin strings in conjunction with mandolin players, for both the traditional and modern musician. They deliver a warm, rich, vintage sound with a superior, long lasting tone. The custom gauges of the strings have been picked for a more balanced sound and feel across the fretboard as well to the fingers. Perfect for those players looking for an authentic tone on their vintage mandolin, or want more richness and depth of tone from their new mandolin. The new Pure Nickel Mandolin strings are available in two gauge sets, from 010 1/2-039 to 011-041.

Pure Nickel strings were commonly available in the 1950’s and 60’s and fell out of favor as nickel was less affordable at that time, encouraging the exploration of different metal mixes and rock players were investigating the effects of ‘cranking up’.

GHS Pure Nickel Mandolin strings offer mandolin players the perfect mix of tone, output, and ease of playing. Vintage tone champions can check them out at

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